Introducing SkyTek Imaging 2.0. We have now taken our roof reports to the next level.

More Accurate, Faster Turnaround Times, 3D image of the roof and our ……

NEW – Premium roof report now includes Xactimate ESX file, 3D view of the roof and xml files.

NEW – Weather Report notifications sent directly to your e-mail.

NEW – Blueprint Conversion Service – SkyTek Imaging now provides roof reports from Blueprints. Just provide us blue prints, and we will create a Roof  Report in either SkyTek Imaging 1.0 or 2.0 formats. Your choice.

NEW – Introducing Sky Squares – Easy , Fast, Affordable and on the GO!

NEW–  SkyTek Imaging now provides wall measurements.

Thanks to advancements in technology SkyTek Imaging can now help you:

Save Money

It’s YOUR time, and time is MONEY. Have the advantage of seeing more prospective clients. SAVE TIME by not having to measure or diagram their roof…. SkyTek Imaging can help you become highly efficient; saving you time by acquiring detailed satellite images and converting them to data.

Our drawings and reports include items such as perimeter, drip edge, flashing, valleys, ridges, multiple slope areas,pitch, linear measurements, total squares, recommended waste, etc.

Save Time

Time is money. Why waste it on driving to measure a roof? With SkyTek Imaging , you can instantly capture all the necessary data to close the sale and begin production.
Your time is valuable, and we can help you maximize your efforts by allowing you to spend more time on your sales presentation and less time measuring.

With our state-of-the-art technology, you can outperform your competition by simply freeing up time to see more customers. More prospects mean more sales.

Attain professional, colorful, and accurate data for your estimates that will place you in a league of your own. Estimates can be quickly produced regardless of weather, location, distance or circumstances that might ordinarily slow you down.

First time customers receive a trial report for only $19.95! Please fill out the form from our “Contact Us” page, or call 713-677-0928 for more details.

Sample Download (PDF Format)

Residential Sky Square Sample  |  Commercial Sky Square Sample  |  Residential Sample |  Commercial Sample

From Satellite, to picture, to diagrams, to data.

Introducing Sky Squares- Easy, fast, and on the Go!

Need to provide a quick estimate but don’t have a lot of time?!

Then Sky Squares is for you.

SkyTek Imaging’s solution to the “quick quote”.

Sky Squares gives you the approximate square footage of any roof. Residential or Commercial.

ON the fly! On a 2-3 hour turnaround (Business hours apply).

Sky Squares provides a very simplified report illustrating the perimeter of the house and the approximate number of squares based on the predominant pitch.

Need to upgrade to a full report? No problem, just pay the difference and we will deliver a more accurate and complete roof report.

Sample Download (PDF Format)

Sample Residential Sky Square   |   Sample Commercial Sky Square

Our top officers have more than 40 years combined experience in the areas of roofing, claims, consulting, sales and management.

“SkyTek Imaging is now harnessing the power of “Dropbox”. Access your diagrams and roofing reports from your computer, smartphone or smartpad. anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Call our office today for more information or to get yourself set up with a dropbox account. It’s absolutely FREE.
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