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Single diagram price- residential- (no bank purchase required.)

[cq_vc_datatable label1=”Product” label2=”Price”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”Regular delivery- 24 business hours or less” data2=”$47.95″][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”Expedited delivery 2-6 business hours” data2=”$64.95″][/cq_vc_datatable]

Single Diagram – Complex Residential Structure

[cq_vc_datatable label1=”Product” label2=”Price”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”Regular delivery – 24-48 business hours” data2=”$57.95″][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”Expedited delivery 2-6 business hours” data2=”$69.95″][/cq_vc_datatable]

Single diagram price commercial- (no bank purchase required)

[cq_vc_datatable label1=”Product” label2=”Price”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”Regular delivery 24 hours or less” data2=”$54.95″][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”Expedited delivery 3-7 business hours” data2=”$79.95″][/cq_vc_datatable]

Single Diagram – Complex Commercial Structure

[cq_vc_datatable label1=”Product” label2=”Price”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”Regular delivery 24-48 business hours” data2=”$89.95*”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”Expedited delivery 3-10 business hours” data2=”$114.95*”][/cq_vc_datatable]

Sky Squares – Roof Report

[cq_vc_datatable label1=”Product” label2=”Price”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”Residential Sky Square delivery in 2-3 business hours” data2=”$17.95*”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”Commercial Sky Square delivery in 2-3 business hours” data2=”$21.95*”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”Upgrade Residential Sky Square to Full Report- Delivery 24 hours or less” data2=”$30.05*”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”Upgrade Commercial Sky Square to Full Report – Delivery 24 hours or less.” data2=”$33.05*”][/cq_vc_datatable]

Standard Pricing with bank purchase. ( a bank is a prepaid amount that allows you to receive discount pricing on all your diagram orders.) Acquiring a bank now includes FREE diagrams adding more value your purchase!!

Buy in bulk and SAVE!

[cq_vc_datatable label1=”BANK AMOUNT PREPAID PURCHASE” label2=”STANDARD RESIDENTIAL” label3=”SIMPLE COMMERCIAL” label4=”STANDARD RESIDENTIAL EXPEDITED” label5=”STANDARD COMMERCIAL EXPEDITED”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”$500 + 1 FREE REPORT” data2=”$34.95″ data3=”$48.95″ data4=”$58.95″ data5=”$74.95″][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”$1000 + 2 FREE REPORTS” data2=”$33.95″ data3=”$46.95″ data4=”$57.95″ data5=”$72.95″][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”$3000 + 4 FREE REPORTS” data2=”$32.95″ data3=”$44.95″ data4=”$56.95″ data5=”$71.95″][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”$5000 + 6 FREE REPORTS” data2=”$31.95″ data3=”$39.95″ data4=”$54.95″ data5=”$69.95″][/cq_vc_datatable]

You may use your FREE reports, sell them  or give them away to friends or co-workers.

* Pricing on projects may vary depending on the number of structures and/or difficulty. (Management will contact you if there is any variance on pricing.)

**Pricing subject to change without notice.

***Business hours are Monday-Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM CT

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